Denise Parsons, President, Equestrian Promotions, Inc.

Horse World Expo was pleased to be able to use Sunset Horse Stalls for our portable stall needs in 2010. We used over 20 individual stalls for each of our two events as our showcase stalls on Stallion Avenue and Breed Row. The stalls were delivered and set up according to our schedule and tear-down was equally uneventful. The staff was polite and accommodating. Stalls were sturdy, much nicer than the portable stalls we’ve used in the past with vinyl walls, which was a real bonus for us as we have many stallions at our event. The construction of the stalls made it much safer for both the horses and the public that join us at our events. The stalls were delivered clean and we were proud to have these stalls on our show floor instead of the “well used” stalls that have been brought to our event by other companies in the past. We found Sunset Horse Stalls easy to work with and very attentive to our needs and our schedules. We hope to continue working with this stall vendor in future years and highly recommend the company and their products to others looking to rent portable horse stalls.