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Horse Stalls

Interior of barn looking down aisle with horse stalls on both sides

Discover Your Horse’s Perfect Haven with Our Standard Horse Stalls

As a horse owner and equestrian, you want the ideal horse stall solution. Unfortunately, finding horse stalls that balance aesthetics, safety, and longevity can be challenging!

For over four decades, Sunset Valley Metalcraft has been the trusted authority in crafting exceptional horse stalls. Our standard horse stalls represent the pinnacle of quality and style. Whether you prefer steel or aluminum construction, we offer a spectrum of over 100 color choices. What’s more, our stalls feature a top-tier powder coating and a zinc epoxy undercoat, ensuring a prolonged lifespan and unmatched durability.

Explore the stunning options available and elevate your horse’s environment.

Don’t risk settling for subpar stalls that compromise safety and aesthetics. With Sunset Valley Metalcraft’s horse stalls, your equine companion will thrive in a secure, beautiful, and long-lasting stall.

Horse Stall Sizing

Standard horse stalls come in sizes ranging from 10’ x 10’ to 12’ x 14’. Take a look at our sizing chart to determine the ideal horse stall size for you.

Keep in mind, when choosing a horse stall size you should also consider the temperament of your horse. For example, a lively horse will typically require more space than a calmer horse of a similar size.

Stall Sizing

Ponies & Medium Size Horses

10′ x 10′

Full-grown Thoroughbreds

12′ x 12′

Draft Horses

12′ x 12′ or 12′ x 14′

Mare & Foal Stalls

12′ x 14′ or larger

Custom Horse Stalls

Whether you would like to make some changes to one of our standard horse stall designs or have an idea that’s all your own, Sunset Valley Metalcraft can make it happen. Show us your design or a picture you’ve found, and we’ll gladly customize your horse barn stalls to your preferences and specifications.

Custom horse stalls have a rich history rooted in the equestrian world. Traditionally, they were handcrafted to cater to the specific needs of prized horses, reflecting the passion and dedication of their owners. Over time, custom stalls have evolved to encompass both functionality and aesthetics. They offer a valuable combination of safety, comfort, and style, ensuring that horses receive the best care while enhancing the overall barn environment. Customization allows for tailored features, from spacious dimensions to specific materials and finishes, creating a perfect home for each horse. These stalls represent an investment in the well-being of equine companions, demonstrating a commitment to their happiness and health. Today, custom horse stalls remain a testament to the enduring bond between horse and owner, offering a sanctuary where equine dreams come to life.

Middletown MD stall front
New Design Portable Horse Stalls

Portable Horse Stalls

At Sunset Valley Metalcraft, we know that your horse deserves the best. So, you can trust us to build high-quality portable horse stalls that are ideal for any occasion, from horse shows to fairs.

Portable horse stalls have a practical history deeply embedded in the equestrian world. They originated as a flexible solution for horse owners, providing mobility and adaptability for various events and settings. Their value lies in convenience and versatility, allowing for easy transportation, quick setup, and efficient space management. Portable stalls have become indispensable for equestrian shows, rodeos, and temporary stabling, offering horses a secure and familiar environment while simplifying the logistics for owners. In essence, they represent a modern solution that caters to the evolving demands of the horse industry, combining functionality with ease of use.

In addition to horse stalls, we offer:

Horse Stall FAQ's

What is the difference between a stall and a stable?

A stable is typically the structure where stalls are housed. Stalls are the individual spaces in the stable for the animals.

What are the components of a high-quality horse stall?

A sturdy stall door is important, as is a good latching system. A V-shaped yoke or opening for the horse to get a good view of the aisleway can be crucial. Properly spaced grille bars for the size and type of horse that will be in the stall are necessary. Use 1-1/2” to 2” thick wood for the stall front and partitions so the horse cannot kick through the material. Water and feeder access via a trough or corner feeder is recommended. Cutouts in the stall front grille or hinged feed doors are helpful when working from outside the stall.

How big should horse stalls be?

Please see four “Stall Sizing” section on the Main Page of Horse Stalls under Products.

What should be done to help properly maintain a stall?

  1. Grease hinges every 6 months to keep doors operating properly.
  2. Ensure that lumber is sealed with a good polyurethane to prevent moisture from seeping into the lumber over time.
  3. Regularly check trolleys and all hardware for proper operation.
  4. Use Chewguard on exposed posts to prevent the horse from chewing on those areas.

What are a few benefits of properly-built horse stalls?

The main benefit of a properly built stall is safety for the horse. The use of quality materials will keep the stall intact during any kicking from the horse, and properly spaced grilles will prevent a hoof from getting stuck between the bars. Ease of access into and out of the stall in case of an emergency is also important. Quality hardware will ensure that doors operate properly.

Why do horses sometimes not like stalls and what can be done to help train the horse?

Increase stall time gradually. Provide toys and treats that they must work to get. A mirror can entertain horses by allowing them to see themselves. Make the stall easily accessible during turnout time in case of bad weather or a cold climate. Normal turnout time is 12 hours a day.

How much does Sunset Valley Metalcraft charge for building a horse stall?

Pricing a horse stall will vary depending on the size, options, and materials used for construction. We work with our customers to provide advice on the features they need to determine the cost of the type of stall that suits their needs, ensuring good quality and safety for their horses.

What is the process Sunset Valley Metalcraft uses for estimating a horse stall?

Sunset Valley’s customers usually have a good idea of the features they want for their new stalls. Once we know the size of the stall and the options they select, along with the style of partition/divider they desire, we can provide our customers with an estimate. We also like to have a floor plan for the barn so that we can determine the direction in which the doors need to slide and inquire about the style of latch to be used in the production of the stall doors.

We offer site visits to our customers who are within the range of the shop to assist in taking measurements and provide onsite advice to our customers in real time. Additionally, drawings are provided for our customers and installers to review and approve before production. If Sunset Valley is handling the installation, our crew manager will review the measurements, and the customer will need to approve the appearance.


At Sunset Valley Metalcraft, customer communication is very important to us, and we strive to be there for our customers as much as possible during the entire duration of a project. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our products or services.

If you are looking for assistance with our horse stalls, interior renovations, or any other products, give us a call today at (877) 389-0844 or complete the contact form below.